My name is Galit Garzon and I come from Venezuela. I moved to Miami, FL when I was 18 years old in order to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist. I am currently 21 years old and studying on the International University of Art and Design. I am majoring in Visual Arts and I am hoping on making an impact through my work.

My purpose with these art pieces

I met these girls. They were physically close to perfection.
At the beginning, I focused on portraits in which I wanted to show their facial beauty. Through the camera lenses, their glances were straight into emptiness. They had a sense of translucent souls, full of mixed emotions and a colorful spirits. This triggered my instinct and my inspiration drove me into performing these art pieces with my own hands.  I needed to use my body to be able to express what I felt at the moment I looked at them.
Using my hands, I incorporated acrylic paint.
I wanted to focus on outlining the perfection and the utopian of the human body.


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